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From criminal defense to DUIs to civil disputes and more, Fred D. Hummel Attorney At Law is your best choice for quality legal representation. Call today for your FREE  consultation, and let's get started on your case. Whether your case is in Jefferson, Indiana, Westmoreland, Clearfield, Clarion, Forest, Cambria. Armstrong, or elsewhere- Give Fred a call.

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• Assault / Domestic Violence

• Theft / Firearms / Weapons

• Alcohol & Drug Offenses

• Motor Vehicle Offenses

• Death Penalty Cases

Charged with a DUI? You need quality representation. Attorney Fred D. Hummel can help.

• Child Custody / Visitation

• Tenant / Landlord Disputes

• Wills & Estates

• Divorce / Separation

• Civil Litigation

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• Jail Visits

• Hospital & Home visits

• Work Visits

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